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Web Site Navigation Instructions: Scroll Down

                                                         “Making your way around this Website”

All you have to do is click on any Tab and Scroll down. So when you click onto any of the White-Blue Tabs, then scroll down past all of the Tabs and you’ll find the content. Once you see the item you want, then click onto that Link OR if it’s an audio file, then press on the left side triangle or click onto the desired link if it's an literary link. Every page and every link opens the same way. Every audio plays the same way, by pressing onto the left side triangle.

ATTENTION: When accessing Jacob Toback's YouTube Exhaustive Page full of 25 Links to YouTube, once you click onto the desired Title and Link, then you'll be sent to a white page-at this point, you'll have to click on the Blue Link-"new browser"-in order to send it through to the You Tube Video